Friday, July 31, 2009

becoming mom

Recently my mom has been emailing more than calling me, probably realizing that she'll get faster answers than calling since I'm on email all day long. Today she sent me this email:


Hey Lis,

How are you?!

Good to see you and spend time at the wedding last weekend.

Hope things are going well?

Next week Auntie Joy is going to Camp. Do you think you can stop by at
Grandma's to break up her week? I think Uncle Kirk usually goes on Monday &
Auntie Joy goes on Tue or Wed. Well, whatever works for you?

I had lunch with Suellen G yesterday. She told me this story about you, when
you baby-sat her girls. She said that she told you to take the girls to the
movies & she gave you $ for the snacks. Well, her girls came back & told her
all about your taking them to the store to buy the snacks & also that "you
carry a big purse!" I just smiled, you have learned well my child ; ).

Have a great day!




Growing up, we never bought snacks at the theater. Who pays $7 for a tub of popcorn and $4 for a soft drink?! My mom would always make popcorn at home and gather a bunch of candy in a ziplock bag and smuggle it into the theater. I don't even remember taking these girls to the movies and depriving them of movie popcorn, but I must have been in high school or college. Unknowingly, I have become my mother.

P.S. Crickets on my last post, even via facebook and twitter. It's cool. I think I have enough orgs and I'll post a list on the side of my blog to keep track of the $$ I raise!

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  1. Hey Lis,

    Long time, no talk. Just dropping a note to say hello. Next time I see you I will be sure to bring you recyclables.