Wednesday, July 29, 2009

worthy causes

Ok. So a lot of people have been coming out of the wood works and started giving me their recyclables. I've decided that I cannot hoard all of this cash for myself, so I want to start donating all proceeds* to a non-profit organization. Every month I will donate to a different organization. August and September will be: Children of the Night and International Justice Mission.

What other orgs should I donate to? Please give me suggestions for the rest of the months for this year!

*Edited as of 9/27/09.


  1. how cool, lisa!
    you should do Seattle Urban Academy!

  2. OMG. How did I forget! Of course! October will be Seattle Urban Academy for SURE.

  3. ohhh my friend just started an outreach ministry to prostitutes & pimps in LA. here's a link to her blog.

    she just got their 501c3 so they have no money :( she & her husband would totally appreciate any donations given to them :)

    and invisible children & love146 are pretty rad groups too :)