Sunday, August 2, 2009

another goodie

As my family and I are preparing to go to Japan we've been trying to dig up our contacts so we can visit them. About 7 years ago we took in a Japanese exchange student named Kana. She always stayed in her room and only came outside to eat and use the computer. I guess my mom wanted to get in touch with her possibly for our trip. Here is her request:


Hi Lis,

I lost Kana's email address, do you think you can see it you can find her on



First of all, she doesn't even give me her last name. 2nd, I love her faith in it's magic to her. This is my chat with Lauren in response to her email:

Lauren: hahahahahahahaahahaha
Lauren: wwwwuuuaaahhahhhahahaaa
me: waaaaaaaaaahahhaahaaha
Lauren: facebook hahahahahhaaaaa

Have a great Monday, y'all.

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  1. HAHAHAHA. That's hilarious. That sounds like a conversation Keri and I might have on AIM about something our mom does... <3 Kaycee