Friday, August 28, 2009

b/w fun

Recently I joined a photo group on flickr that gives a weekly photo challenge. Everyone posts their best work and then the group votes on the best one. The winner picks the challenge for the following week. Anyway, it's good because the majority of the people are just starting out and learning just like me, so we learn from each other.

The past week's challenge was to do a black and white portrait of yourself or someone else. My new friend, G. is part of this group too so we decided to take pics of each other. Here are my favorites.

G. and I were both irked that there was a stack of stuff in the background of this pic, but I submitted it anyway. Her smile is infectious.

This is the only good one I took of myself. I think my expression was due to the fact that my camera was so heavy and because of the frustration of getting myself in focus by shooting at the mirror.

Off to the Bay Area this weekend to visit my family. I need to teach my dad how to use my camera so I can at least be in some of the pictures when we go to Japan!

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  1. to clarify, i wasn't annoyed so much as amused that bits of life crept into portrait. (darn box o' work).

    - o.g.