Monday, August 17, 2009


This past weekend I took a trip to Sequoia National Park with some friends. I donned my new dslr, eager to capture some breathtaking photos of the great outdoors. So not the case. As I uploaded my photos to my computer, I was horribly dismayed to see an endless array blurry, washed out or flat colored photos. As hard as I tried to adjust all the settings, and compulsively chimped my photos...they still were sub-par. My heart sank. Secretly, I think I believed I was going to be a photographer extraordinaire from the start. Unfortunately, like most things in life, it's going to take a lot of dedication and hard work.

Here are the few that I was satisfied with.

Here is the camping crew. This is with my point and shoot. I still need to figure out how the timer function on my dslr works. Ha.

Click here for a link to some of my sad photos. Please make comments on how I can improve.


  1. hey lisa! your pictures aren't bad. i liked the last pic (with the baby) :D

    i don't know what i'm doing either with my dslr, but it's fun. haha. just keep playing with the settings and i'm sure you'll be pro soon enough!

  2. Hi cousin! I am excited for your photography endeavors. I used a photo you took at the Malholtra wedding on my gift wrapping blog (! I probably already told you I was impressed with all the shots you got!