Wednesday, August 26, 2009

good weekend

This past weekend was great! Chilled with good friends, saw my grandma and was able to get more practice in with my cam. I felt so encouraged after the great photo advice I got from friends after my Sequoia trip, so I was eager to get out there again.

Friday through Sunday, the Evergreen youth staff went on a retreat in Ojai. It was a quaint little town and the house we stayed in felt like a house from The Bachelor.

Then it was off to the Nisei Week Taiko Gathering in J-Town with my sister, her bf, my grandma and great aunt. It seriously made me proud to be Japanese American.

Did you notice the guns on that guy in the tank? I think I had a 20 minute crush on him while his group performed. Anyway, back to camera nerdom. With strong suggestion, I just ordered a 50mm prime lens. Can't wait to give it a whirl. Also contemplating purchasing Adobe Lightroom, although Picasa and iPhoto are working ok for now with my jpgs.


  1. Hey, these pictures look really good! A lot better than your previous ones. Good job!

    Yeah, that guy in the tank is pretty hot stuff.


  2. what a cute pic of megan & tim!