Monday, September 21, 2009

happy belated birthday, lauren!

Happy 26th birthday, Sis! I'm so proud of you and all you have accomplished so far. May you know the Lord's abundant blessings upon you this coming year!

Wish I could have posted this yesterday, but I was exhausted from a long day wandering around the streets and department stores of Osaka. I think Osaka is my favorite city so far. The people seem more laid back and the food is great! Here's Megan in our hotel, Granvia Osaka.

I couldn't help but feel like we were walking through the corridors of a Star Trek spacecraft every day. Anyhow, today Megan and Lauren left to go back to now it's just me and my parents and grandparents. We spent the day in Gunma in a city called Kiryu (which sounds just like "kill you") which is north of Tokyo. We went there specifically for my dad to meet with a flower breeder there. While they talked business, I ran around with the breeder's grandson, Yuki.

Tomorrow we are off to Nikko to the national park. Should be beautiful!

Live long and prosper.



    I was thinking about sending her a text, but I figured she wouldn't get it in Japan? Say hello to the 'rents and grand'rents for me!


  2. What great sister pics!
    Hope you had a good one, Lauren!

  3. That hallway reminds me more of "The Shining" than Star Trek.