Saturday, September 19, 2009

hospitality & hometown glory

Wow. This week has flown by so fast! We arrived in Osaka last night and had dinner with one of my grandma's best friends. I think it was a 5 course meal. Or maybe more. All I know is the dishes kept coming and coming. All of our relatives and friends have given a new meaning to hospitality. Dinner, dessert, tea, fruit, gifts, taxi rides, tours, more tea and snacks for the road. Amazing.

Today we went to Gojo which is near Osaka, where my grandma lived at the end of high school. On the way there, it was wonderful to watch her eyes light up as she told us stories about her childhood and family. Yesterday when we got to the Osaka train station she exclaimed, I feel like a fish in water! She had such joy from returning to her hometown.

My grandma's cousin's family took us around Gojo and although it was lovely, one of the highlights was playing with their dogs Goma, Tokoto (sp?) and Tim Tam (after the Australian cookie).

SO CUTE. I just want to hold them again! Anyway. Tomorrow we are headed to the church my mom went to when she taught English in Osaka...34 years ago. And then Sunday is my sister, Lauren's birthday!! We'll have to celebrate it Japanese style.



  1. is timtam that last pic?? i LOVE him!!! bring him back to LA please.

  2. Great to hear from you and see the pictures! I like the one of Baachan; I bet you're getting lots of good candids.

    We were also bowled over by everyone's hospitality in Japan. It's another level, huh? I remember visiting the Kochi relatives and they gave us gifts. I was so grateful Baachan had packed a "just-in-case" omiyage (a Clinique makeup set) to be able to give to Kaho. WHEW.