Thursday, September 17, 2009

tweets i wish i could say

In the beginning of the trip, there were so many times when I wanted to pull out my phone and send tweets. But I couldn't. Not at 50 cents a text!! So, I started to compile a list on my iTouch called: Tweets I Wish I Could Say. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 13

Shania Twain playing in a convenience store. Bizarre.

Now Taylor Swift. Ok.

Lots of high hair buns, black tights and boots in Shibuya.

Donut Plant NYC in Tokyo!

Monday, September 14

Just squatted on a Japanese style toilet on the train. As soon as I stepped out I realized there was a western toilet next door. fml.

It was faulty to assume I would enjoy heavy theology lectures by nt wright while traveling. Time for some Sophie Kinsella.

Tuesday, September 15

Cocos in Hiroshima!

Hmm. They use the Honda product logo different in Japan...

The Hiroshima Peace Volunteers are wearing jackets that say HPV in huge letters. That's unfortunate.

My dad just said being in this underground subway tunnel was like a whole other world...about 10 times.


The fam is currently resting after visiting our relatives' graves all day. Whenever I saw the Higaki name on a grave stone, I felt a sense of pride.

Now I must muster up the strength to go through the 600+ pictures I have taken so far. What a beast.

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