Saturday, November 21, 2009


Ok. I know I've been away for a while, and I blame most of this on the lack of internet connection at home. I don't want to even start on my aggravation and frustration with AT&T. Unfortunately in our area it's our only option next to Charter, which is I hear is just as awful, and not to mention more expensive. Now we're going on week 4 without internet. I'm not sure if I can talk to another technician without my head exploding.

Anyway, so my temporary resurrection back into the blogosphere is simply to brag that I SAW KEITH URBAN PERFORM TODAY. FOR FREE. And he was wonderful. Witty, sweet, and perfectly on pitch.

I had to crop the hell out of this picture. Unfortunately most of my pictures look like this:

That balding man's head was my nemesis. But I'm not letting that get me down. Thanks to Minjue for the head's up on the concert. I'm glad we could add to the Asian count at the show.

I'm going to have Keith's songs on shuffle all of next week. Heart, heart, heart.


  1. wow these pix are gorgeous. i love keith!

  2. Lisa, I think even the second picture is great! I like the expression you captured in that one.

  3. oh keith. lis, too bad you didn't get a pic of that drunk couple next to us. i think their number is still in my call history. we should call them up sometime.

  4. These pics are great. Good job!